Friday, October 12, 2012

I can cry if I want to

I vowed to myself that I would avoid posting pointed political status updates on Facebook or comment on those that others post. In fact, I've tried to encourage my friends not to do so either, and warned them I would hide any of theirs that are offensive to me. However, this is my blog, so I can say what I want without a generalized offense to friends I care about. Friends who want to know what I am thinking can read my blog.

It seems to me, with the presidential campaigns and the recent so-called debates, that throwing around statistics has become the mode of attack and defense. Between those on two sides of the fence, or even with those trying to balance in the middle, there is the cry of woe, "why can't I get people to see they are wrong?" or "get your facts straight".

My woe comes because the big guys, the people who think they can or are leading the nation out of these very disturbing times, don't really seem to be in touch with reality.  I came across this video on YouTube that I really wish Obama and his advisors would see and consider, that they could hear the anguish in this cry.  And yes, this speaker pours out some of my own feelings.

Are You Kidding Me?

It is really a challenge to find out what is fact and what is manipulation. I looked at a lot of news sources on the internet, to try to meet the challenge. I found no ultimate solution, but discovered that, depending upon what your own inclinations are, you can find something to support your views. So, I found this blog that expresses my views pretty well, particularly when it comes to the statistics that are being bandied about.

William L. Garvin blogspot

I can't say I like Mitt Romney, but, since he asked, I am not better off than I was four years ago. I am not satisfied with Obama's efforts as President of the United States. I believe he could have done a better job if he had better advisors, but I'm not convinced that re-electing him would open his eyes to that weakness. I see him as a puppet with a big ego.

So this is my cry: America is in pain. We need to get the worst president I've seen in my lifetime out of office. Please let us try something different. It might be better. May God guide and bless us in the choices we make.

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